About Us

About Us

Who We Are

Sell Toner is a website where you can sell ink cartridges and toner cartridges from all across the UK. We are a buyback company for unused new and old ink and toner cartridges of all types and grades from all brands. 

With years of experience in buying new and old ink and toner cartridges from all across the country, we have paid hundreds of thousands of pounds to people for these supplies. People who want to sell unwanted ink cartridges or toners simply have to fill the form given on the respective pages and then we quote the price. Once the seller accepts the quote, we take the item(s) and pay the money within 24 hours. 

Not only has it helped the people financially and saved their storage space but we have also protected the environment from the harmful chemicals these toners and ink cartridges contain. We specialise in collecting and disposing of these items safely exactly in accordance with the rules set by the Environment Agency.


We are on a mission to protect the environment from harmful chemicals found in ink and toner cartridges and provide monetary benefits to those who help us in this mission by selling these items to us. So support us in this mission, get paid instantly, and save your storage space and the environment.


We have a vision to help people make money from unwanted supplies in their homes and recycle them to save the environment.

What We buy here?

Toner Seller is buying:

  • Old unused ink cartridges
  • New unused ink cartridges
  • Filled toner cartridges
  • Old unused toner cartridges
  • New unused toner cartridge

Note: We accept toners and ink cartridges of all types from brands from all across the UK.